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The 2008 ReBoard catalog

A new material, taking the visual communication industry to a whole new level.

Sign Patrol and is proud to be the first company in the world, under the licensor Design Force to produce products in Re-board®. At a first glance, Reboard looks like any other sandwich board you have seen, but at a closer look the similarities stop. Re-board® consists of cells of corrugated cardboard with several layers of craft liners. The board is sealed from the both outer layers and is therefore steam proof, which is very important for the flatness and durability of the board. A 22 mm Re-board® is comparable to a 16 mm particleboard in bending stiffness and strength but is only 1/3 of the weight.

Check out sample products in Re-Board®

- Relative low weight, 15-30 % of a MDF and Particleboard
- Environmentally friendly production method
- Environmentally friendly fire retardant substances
- Enormous advantages in logistic and handling
- Recyclable
- High specific strength

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